Testing, Testing RSTP Theory – Snowboarding, PART 3

Today is going to be a quickie post – I simply put in my time, methodically going through the step-by-step progression I’ve laid for myself, working on assembling the building blocks of my skill set.

On todays agenda:

  • Heel-side J-turns
  • Traveling straight down a slightly longer and steeper slope with slightly greater speed
  • Combining the straight run, culminating in a heel-side J-turn

The revelation for the day is just how quickly and easily I’m gaining comfort and confidence in my new skillset – I’m not setting any land-speed records, but I’m certainly setting skill-acquisition speed records – I’m blowing past the kids in lessons in gaining proficiency – this makes me very happy!! It tells me that I’m on the right track with this theory!!

Here’s a little peek at how things are going….

Be sure to check in tomorrow for some heel-side sliding and stopping 🙂 (see “Testing, Testing RSTP Theory – Snowboarding, PART 4” )

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