About Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol™ and SkillsOPedia™

Hello!  My name is Renee Maxfield.  I wanted to introduce myself and explain a little about how I’ve arrived here, working on this project and writing this blog.    My background is a patchwork of interests and experiences, all bounded by a couple of questions that have burned in my mind for almost 20 years now.  Though I was unable to clearly articulate what they were until just recently, I now recognize that the unifying questions have been – what’s at the heart of the pain and suffering of humanity, what are its root causes, how can it be changed at it most fundamental level?  And all along was an accompanying, maybe naïve thought, that once a root cause was found, it could be fixed or eliminated so peace and prosperity could prevail.

Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world – Archimedes

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves – Anthony J. D’Angelo

This desire has led me on a long and winding, seemingly disconnected, but quietly unified (in hindsight) journey.  First, an undergraduate degree in psychology to try to understand why people behave the way they do.  Then, a master’s degree in environmental sciences to try to understand root causes for the seeming ruination of our extraordinary planet and it’s ecosystems.

I’ve, at the same time, put in 20+ years of self-help study (my father has dubbed me a “self-help junkie”) as I tried to understand what set successful individuals apart from those who struggled.

In more recent years I’ve studied business, micro-business, Kaizen, The Positive Deviance model,  the belief work of Morty Lefkoe, and several books that have coalesced my thinking – Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Harry Browne’s How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, Roberto Moretti’s Practice Made Perfect,  Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code,  as well as Talent is Overrated by Geoffrey Colvin, The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner, The Three Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan, and The 2000% Solution by Donald Mitchell.

The  Mission that has evolved out of my studies is to find a way to HELP INDIVIDUALS TAP INTO THEIR UNLIMITED HUMAN POTENTIAL.  And, out of that has arisen the Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol™ and SkillsOPedia™ projects.

This purpose of this blog is threefold:

1) I wanted to provide a forum for exploring and documenting the evolving methodology, Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol™ (RSTP™), a methodical approach that significantly shortens the time necessary to transfer any given skill set from the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to the novice. The purpose is to replace the ‘information dump’ so common to even the great presenters and thought leaders with a proven, repeatable process of skill transference.

2) As the  Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol™ matured, I wanted to then explore and document the creation of SkillsOPedia™, the logical extension of RSTP™ – the goal is to create a Wiki collection of best practices skill sets that can then be built out by the general population

3) Finally, I’ve decided to use this blog to refresh my own memory on the evolution of the thinking and development of RSTP™ and SkillsOPedia™ to date, to chart my progress as I continue to move forward, and to share what I’ve learned.

Please, join me on this journey!

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