Testing, Testing RSTP Theory – Snowboarding, PART 2c

Today, the first micro-skills related to using the bunny slope carpet lift were quickly repeatable and therefore easy and took little time to master. Therefore, I had extra time during the hour of practice I’d allotted daily to work on building out additional micro-skill building blocks. (to see why I’m only devoting 60-80 minutes/day to my practice sessions, see “Wrapping the Myelin Sheath”)

This is the thing – the intensive, single-focused practice allows you to quickly get in, complete your practice session and have the deep satisfaction of laying down individual micro-skills and assembling skill sequences of greater and greater complexity quickly – a concept I like to call… GO-SLOW-TO-TO-GO-FAST!! (see “Go Slow To Go Fast” )

With the Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol, small initial skill transfer segments take time to master – compared to traditional instruction, it may seem slow-going, tedious, like you’re never going to make any significant progress. But, then you suddenly reach a euphoric critical mass point where progress ramps up very quickly, at an almost blistering pace – that’s when you get hooked!! Practice then becomes addictive, self-reinforcing and then your skill really starts to take off.

So, back to snowboarding – the next micro-skills I tackled had to do with very basic movements. They look so simple, but are the solid foundation that I needed to build in order to ramp up my skill set quickly.

Tomorrow I’ll be repeating today’s work and adding in some additional foundation skills, like J-turns (see “Testing, Testing RSTP Theory – Snowboarding, PART 3” )


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