The Problem with “Just”

The word JUST is a big indicator word – if we hear the word “just,” our ears should perk up!!  We try to tackle various aspects of our lives and are told to “just” do something (see “Just is Anything But ‘Just’”).  We think we should be able to “just” do it – whatever “it” is, no big deal!!  Unfortunately, there’s usually so many pitfalls lurking behind that tiny little, no-surprise-here-that-it’s-a-4-letter, heinous word than we can imagine!!  And, I would posit that this one cruel little word, “just,” is likely to be the centerpiece in the failure of any attempted skill transference!!!! 

There’s general far more going on than what the Subject Matter Expert thinks is going on when they try to transfer a given skill to a novice (see “The Expert Doesn’t Know What They Know” ) 

Therefore, they often inadvertently simplify a whole complex series of actions or processes (see “My Kiteboarding Ah-Ha Moment”) and gloss over critical distinctions (see “Distinctions” series).

And, this unfortunate setup leads the student to think there’s something inherently wrong with them – they wonder “Why can’t I ‘just’ learn it???” (see “There’s Something Wrong with Me”).

Ultimately, there is titanic-sized failure to gain the skillsets that forward our fondest of life dreams – and that, to me….  is very, very sad – the “Vast Untapped Human Potential” is left unrealized…

Fortunately, there is an antidote to ‘just!!’

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