Virtuosity and RSTP

Deliberate practice (see “RSTP and Deliberate Practice”) of the fundamentals needn’t be a nightmarish, tedious affair.  Plinking endlessly away at the piano keys, running tirelessly up and down through the scales and churning through the various chords is desperately uninspired when framed as the boring stuff that we must trudge through until we finally get to experience the momentary end-goal joy of playing a “real” piece of music.   What if, instead, we incorporated the concept of “virtuosity” into our practice?   A concept borrowed from gymnastics, virtuosity is defined as “performing the common uncommonly well,” in an article, Fundamentals, Virtuosity, and Master: An Open Letter to CrossFit Trainers CrossFit Journal, August 2005 by Greg Glassman

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” – Earl Nightingale

It takes great care, and a deep love, to elevate the seemingly mundane.  Michael Jordan didn’t just occasionally practice free throw shots.  Martha Stewart doesn’t just slap a roast on the dinner table.  Tiger Woods doesn’t just go out and knock some balls around.

Virtuosity is a practice, a DELIBERATE practice, in elevating the execution of the basics of a skill set to an almost meditative, in-the-moment, Zen-like practice; in finding the joy to be found in the deliberate attending to, and execution of, the fundamentals, over and over again, and then still relishing the quest for an ever more exquisite and elegant execution of those foundational elements; in imbuing those fundamental building blocks with the qualities of beauty and profound satisfaction – to make their never-ending practice an art form in their own right.

Because virtuosity dictates that the practice not be a means to an eventual and short-lived end, that it be an expressive end in itself, THE PRACTICE BECOMES AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO BE, AS A PERSON – for YOU have CHOSEN to be…  not a dilettante, but, A MASTER!!!!

The Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol, by its very design, emphasizes the deep, deliberate practice of each of every one of the tiny, fundamental subskills that grants profound satisfaction of progress in the moment as well as the sense of ultimate mastery in the end.

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