Sample RSTP Lesson_Stick Shift Driving

A friend of my mine, David, was asking me the other day what a lesson, built in RSTP-style, would look like.

Before I ever strapped a snowboard on my feet, I had worked out a bunch of theory, testing it on the skill set of stick shift driving.  I love watching the TV series, the Amazing Race, where teams of two race other teams around the world to win a $1M prize.  I marvel, seemingly every single season, as one team loses the incredible opportunity to hop all around the globe, because they cannot, for the $1M life-of-them, seem to figure out how to drive a standard transmission vehicle when that is business-as-usual for most of the globe!

For my purposes, it was a very accessible, concrete skill with which to work to work – the car was just sitting out in the driveway – I could work on this project whenever I had a bit of spare time. As a result, I have nearly completed a full rough draft of the transfer sequence languishing in a file on my laptop.

In theory, RSTP’ed lessons are built to be precise, explicit, focusing on just one micro-skill segment at a time. The purpose is for the student to embed each piece of the instruction into their unconscious competence before tackling the next segment (see “Consciousness Spectrum”). The segments are then sequenced to aggregate in a very methodically way in order aid the novice in efficiently and effectively acquiring the skill set (see diagram below).

Conscious Competence Bottleneck

The flow of micro-skills from the unconscious incompetence, through the bottleneck of the brain’s capacity to consciously attend to new material, into the relatively unlimited capacity of the brain for attending to the material of the unconscious competence.

And, here’s a little taster sample of what an RSTP’ed lesson looks like.  Click on the link below and it will open the Power Point “Stick Shift Driving Program,” complete with instructional videos – I apologize – it takes a few minutes to download – still working on my technological proficiency 😉

Stick Shift Driving

Be sure to go to the “Slide Show” menu in Power Point, and then click “From Beginning” to work through the instructional series.  Use your down arrow key on your keyboard to advance to the next slide.

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