Snowboarding_Comparing Traditional to RSTP Skill Transfer

One of the distinguishing features of the RSTP is that, because it breaks down the instruction so fine-grained, in such an explicit, language based fashion (see “Language Based Skill Transfer”), far more critical distinctions are made than with traditional instructional sequences (see “Distinguishing Distinctions”).  As a result, the skill transfer sequence is much more thorough, therefore making the transfer much more efficient and effective for both the instructor and student.

As an example, in my research on snowboarding, I found a great little video series on YouTube.  Other than one distinction that came from some other video, their 9 video series was pretty much the only thing I used to figure out what I felt I needed to start piecing together my own series to learn snowboarding. By comparison, I’ve since broken out the basic snowboarding sequence that they had built out in 9 session into roughly 70 – 7x more lessons!!  So far…  I expect it will be a larger number by the time I’m finished.

What this says to me is that traditional instruction falls WAY short of its objective to transfer skill to a student!  It tells me that too many micro-skills are glommed together for the student to have any hope of actually mastering them simultaneously (see “The Problems with Traditional Skill Transference”).  It indicates that the instruction is designed to push the student through the various component skills much faster than is physically possible.  And it ultimately tells me that it’s bound to fail, leaving the instructor frustrated and the student feeling incapable (see “There’s Something Wrong With Me”), not what either of them is likely looking to experience. 

My theory is that any skill formatted to the RSTP should facilitate the glorious feeling that comes with ULTIMATE SUCCESS!!  I know I watched all manner of people, of various ages and athleticism flounder right beside me, as I methodically progressed towards my ultimate goal:  SNOWBOARDING LIKE A GODDESS  😉

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