Just yesterday, Michael, my masterminding partner of the past 10 years, and I discussed what great value we’ve both gotten from our association.  Every single week, when we talk, we start our call with a celebration of the progress and the wins each of us have made in the previous week. 

 In particular, we’ve noticed how this ritual of accountability has helped us remain aware of the progress each of us has made over time and helped us to keep plugging along towards our goals, despite the challenges and setbacks we’ve each navigated at different times over the past decade.

To pay homage to our tradition, I’m going to celebrate the progress I’ve made in testing out the RSTP theory….

  • In just 16.5 of hours, spread out over just 14 days of practice, usually at just over an hour of practice each of those days, I have not only SUCCESSFULLY tested out RSTP theory, but I’ve also learned how to snowboard!! 
  • I went from having built the basic theoretical tenants of transferring skill efficiently and effectively from novice to expert, to having built out an entire skill set based on those theories. I, then, used that rough version to teach myself how to snowboard. 
  •  I went from never having strapped a snowboard on my feet, to being able to know and use my equipment, get up off my back side, ride the carpet and chair lifts, skate and step, straight glide, make j-turns, work on both my toe- and heel-sides, stop, make S-turns, and ultimately, carve a line down the snowy slope! 
  • I saw theory played out in the playground of the real world – while I watched people half my age crash and burn, over and over again, beating themselves to death on the hard packed snow, I rarely fell, yet acquired the skill.

After Michael and I finish with our celebration, we then dig back in and figure out the next steps towards our greater visions and just how we think we might be able to execute them.  I have the basics down for both The Protocol, and for snowboarding – I can see a broader horizon now that I trust that there really is something to this theory.  So here’s a little prelude of what’s to come next…

Now that I have worked through all the basic building blocks for my test skillset, I need to:

  1. Lay out all of the language-based lesson building blocks
  2. Chuff all those building blocks through the software that my Ukrainian friend, Maksym, is building for me to use to split out the language parts of the lessons
  3. Test out his software for how well it assembles the lesson scripts for filming
  4. Lay out my plan and prep to film the entire snowboarding sequence next season in a standard format to ease the filming schedule (tag lessons by location, equipment, person in the scene, from what angle, etc)
  5. Prep Dave (lolol – he’s gonna’ luv this one!!!) to run through the entire sequence so I can clean it up, and test out how long it takes him to run through the lessons
  6. Finish up the blog posts regarding the snowboarding test sequence
  7. Finish up the blog posts regarding making distinctions
  8. Work with Maksym to get a working prototype of our software built and tested
  9. Get a polished version of my SkillsOpedia logo made
  10. And if I get bored, and get all this done, I’ll push the work I’ve already done for stick-shift driving, the first skill set I worked with, through the software, for a second test and refinement of the software

 That should do it for the next year!!  Praying for snow!!  😉


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