Cultivating My Inner Dude

A few years back, I heard myself saying to my favorite, but as-of-yet directionless, nephew (I love you, David K.!! 😉 ) that I’d give anything to be an 18 year old, single guy – I remember quoting my favorite Bob Segar song line to him, “I could go east, I could go west, it was all up me to decide.” I envisioned what it would be like to be in his position – to seemingly have any and all paths open to me in the same way I felt he had…

But, then, something kept eating at me for days after that conversation. And then the thoughts… (I apologize in advance…) … “WTF Renee?!??!?”

“What in the sweet name of blipity blip does some random chronological number and/or a Y-chromosome have to do WITH ANYTHING????”

“I can embrace my inner-dudeness, or anything else I want, whenever I choose to – I don’t have to sit around dreaming, or living my life vicariously through someone else’s life just because I’ve limited my ideas for what is possible!!”

I realized I was afraid of so many things I wanted to do – fear of failure, getting hurt, wasting time. It prompted me to start looking for solutions to my fear.

What I discovered was I didn’t have to have any special aptitudes to start reshaping my life into one of my own design. What I most needed was a methodical approach to build out my capacity, an approach that had comfortable progression and safety baked right into its special recipe.

I call this approach the Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol (RSTP)

I have some really big ideas for RSTP (see “My Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal”), but learning to snowboard has been one of my first big tests of my theory AND of myself – lol, every respectable dude can carve the fall line down a snow-covered mountain and do it while, also, filming themselves, lmbo!!!

I hope it inspires people to question their limiting beliefs of what is possible for themselves, and to share their incredible, authentic selves with others.

If you’d like to follow along with my snowboarding progression, click over to the beginning of the “(see “Introduction to Snowboarding RSTP Testing Sequence“)

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Michael Campbell and my hubby, David, for their endless support and contribution over the past 5 years, Anthony Blardo for helping me conceptualize the software tool I need to build and Brad Kettler for the call-to-action push he gave me for getting the program built for me to further my RSTP R&D.


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