TESTING, TESTING – RSTP THEORY, Snowboarding Part 10a – 384 days after my Epic Fail


Bunny slope, Version 2.0, riding the lift

I can still feel the twingy-ness in my left shoulder from the AC separation I suffered when I unexpectedly hit a wind-blown patch of ice last season and went down…. Hard! (see “Snowboarding Crash and Burn”) I had reflected on what had gone wrong, realized that Epic Failure is often necessary to make the key distinctions that play a critical role in ultimate success (see “Upside of Epic Failure”), and had cataloged the lessons learned in order to incorporate them into RSTP to make the theory and practice more robust going forward (see “Lessons from My Epic Failure”).

I had to face my fears of getting hurt again and not being able to finish up the glorious snow season bestowed on the Sierra Nevada’s by the benevolent and generous El Nino weather system.

It was time to get back on that snowboard again and ride!!

So, though today was in no way a major milestone, in terms of riding like a dudette, it was a major milestone against the demons in my head.  I faced the wicked bunny-slope, navigating it with tentative mastery.  And then the muscle memory kicked in, and with it, my confidence (see “Wrapping the Mylin Sheath/Muscle Memory”).  I was riding the carpet lift like an 8 year old, gliding 3 endless feet to a perfect stop!!  I was blowing out heel- and toe-side slides, falling leaf patterns and riding a 10% grade for 40 mind-blowing feet!!!  I even ventured two runs down the bunny slope, Version 2.0, before calling it a day!!

I was the master of my domain!!!!!

Now, all I had left to do, to complete my beginner’s course in snowboarding, was to learn how to carve – deep breath, but here goes….  (see “Carving – Distinctions”)

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