Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol™ (RSTP™) and Skillsopedia™ – The Quest Begins

Late 2011 I had just finished reading The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How by Daniel Coyle.  He tells the story of a 13-year-old girl, Carissa, practicing the song, “Golden Wedding” on her clarinet who, in one 5:45 minute practice segment accelerates her learning by ten-fold in the midst of, what was otherwise, another ordinary music lesson.

In relaying this story, Coyle tosses out, “This is not ordinary practice.  This is something else:  a highly targeted, error-focused process.”  And then, the sentence that caught my attention AND my imagination:

“If somebody could bottle this, it’d be worth millions.”

That phrase spoke to me of the incalculable benefit that would accrue to humanity if a process could be built that would intentionally, precisely, with 100% replicability enable the transfer of any given skill from an expert to a novice.

This was the tiniest seed of an idea that has taken root and grown into the quest to develop the Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol(RSTP), the process by which ANY skill-acquisition related material can be formatted to be reproducible by anyone, anywhere and to then build on top of the RSTP platform SkillsOPedia, the world’s largest, evolving repository of the vast wealth of human skills to serve all of humanity (go big or go home, right!?!?).

What follows is the story of that ongoing quest…

One thought on “Rapid Skill Transfer Protocol™ (RSTP™) and Skillsopedia™ – The Quest Begins

  1. I Do. Me 2. says:

    This is great concept. I look forward to future exchanges.

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